care tips

General care tips & storage

Our wool felts have already undergone a special treatment to make them water and dirt-repellent, as illustrated by the icon. However, should you wish to provide additional protection, you can treat your newly acquired hat with proofing spray for textiles.

We recommend that every hat is stored upside down or on one of our “KASTORI HAT STANDS”.
In this way you will ensure that the brim does not become misshapen.
Please do not leave your hat exposed to light in your car for long periods. This may result in your hat losing its colour or becoming misshapen.

Do you want to clean your sweatband?

You can clean the band with a simple household detergent. Dampen a sponge with tepid water and add a squirt of washing-up liquid. Then slowly dab the dirt from the sweatband and repeat the process with clear water.


Fur and wool felt hats

Has your hat accompanied you through the rain and become rather wet?

Then give it enough time to dry.

You can gently dab dry your hat with a towel. Then fill your favourite accessory with newspaper or kitchen paper and leave it to dry at room temperature. It is important that you leave it to dry upside down or on a Kastori HAT STAND.

Do not in any circumstances use a hair dryer and do not place your hat on a heater. The excessive heat can damage your hat and it may become misshapen.

Is your hat a little dusty or dirty?

No problem ‒ this is how you get your hat looking great again.

Brush your hat with a clean, soft brush in small circular movements anti-clockwise. Wool felt is always processed anti-clockwise. So your hat should always be brushed in this direction. In this way you will ensure that dust is not worked into the surface of your hat.


Straw hats

Straw hats are easy to care for!

You can wipe down your straw hat with a soft, damp cloth. But please note that excessive moisture will cause your hat to lose its shape.

Please do not pick up your hat by the crown! Over time this can cause the straw in this area to crack.

Leather hats

Is your leather hat dirty?

If it is, simply wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth. You can treat your hat with a leather care product. Please note that this may impair the breathability of the leather. If your leather hat gets wet, leave it to slowly dry on a HAT STAND or upside down. Again, your hat should not be left on a heater or dried with a hair dryer.